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Diving the Modavia (Wreck • UK • Lyme Regis)

The Modavia SS was a British Merchant vessel of 4,858grt of the Donaldson Line. In 1943 she was torpedoed and sunk by E-boats in Lyme Bay. This is a dive on the Modavia conducted on August 19, 2012. This private video was taken by Izzy from UE with a GoPro Hero 2 HD camera and the video light used is a Halcyon 21 W HID with reflector and modified diffuser. The wreck is a definite entanglement trap and full of fishing line and nets which calls for caution in diving as much as gas choices. Enjoy and get more information from a detailed video is soon on .

FM Henry, 20. April 2015
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    FM Henry
    20. April 2015
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